Fox and Hounds Beer Festival in Houston this weekend!

We’re sure (or hope!) many of our followers are aware of the upcoming Houston Beer Festival, hosted by the popular Fox and Hounds, and taking place on Sunday 21st August in Houston Village. If not, then here is some more information on what you can expect on the day. If you did already know, here is a reminder!

Either way, we suggest you head along and help them celebrate! And remember to let us know how you enjoyed it. Better yet, send in some pictures!

Why celebrate, you ask? Well, the Fox and Hounds has just one Pub of the Year 2011 for Scotland and Northern Ireland, and the brewery has just won Champion Best Bitter 2011 for their Peter’s Well!

So there is a lot to celebrate!

On the day there will be a BBQ, Sphere Kids Ride, Marquee, Live music and restaurant – families all welcome.

For anyone who might hold a CAMRA card, make sure you look out for Head Brewer Carl in the Maruqee … when you show your card Carl will buy you a free pint of Peter’s Well to thank you for your support.

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