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Ever wondered which pubs in Renfrewshire serve food?

A good pub lunch or dinner always goes down a treat, but what pubs in Renfrewshire serve food? Here you go:

(Last updated Mon 27th July 2015 – Updated based on data we had at the time. Always contact pub before hand just to be sure.)










Is your pub missing? Let us know and we’ll update the list! Contact us here.

Wig and Pen, Kilty Kilty, Abbey Inn and Paddy Malarkys Amongst Latest Additions to Renfrewshire Pubs Website

Continuing on our stride to add all Renfrewshire based Pubs, Bars and Inns to the newly launched Renfrewshire Pubs website, we can now another 7 additions, taking the total number of pubs listed to almost 70!

New additions today include:

Paddy Malarkys, Paisley
Abbey Inn, Paisley
The Court Bar, Paisley
The Croft Bar, Paisley
Kilty Kilty, Paisley
Wig and Pen, Paisley
New County Bar, Johnstone

As always, we’re looking to add all Pubs in Renfrewshire to the website. If you can think of any not already list, or know of news, Facebook pages, offers, or events that we’ve not listed for your local pub, bar or Inn, please contact us and lets us know.